Saying goodbye to our flip flops and beach hats means saying hello to cozy sweaters and warm teas. As we approach the beautiful season of autumn you may feel a need to slow down with your waxing routine and hibernate but let me explain why you shouldn’t.

When you decide to start waxing, both the texture and hair cycle change. Your hair will feel less dense and softer but it usually takes about three to four visits in order for all of your hair to grow out at the same time for that super smooth wax we all want.

Once you achieve that, the service itself also becomes less painful BUT, if you take a break and decide to go back to shaving it will be like starting all over again when you decide to go back to waxing.

Yes, unfortunately, it may feel like the first time again because the cycle has been disrupted. Since shaving only cuts the top of the hair shaft and doesn’t remove it from the root, the hairs will begin to grow in dense again, risking ingrown hairs and irritated skin. For many, you may experience even more hair growth then ever before, making shaving painful and uncomfortable.

Ingrown hairs can also cause hyperpigmention, leaving behind hard to treat dark spots. When you remain consistent with waxing the hair texture remains soft allowing them to surface easily, minimizing bumps and irritations with results that will last weeks longer than shaving.

When searching for the best type of wax, look for hard wax, it’s a better option for more sensitive areas such as the face and bikini. It adheres to the hair with a shrink wrapping effect, removing it without pulling or damaging the skin for clear and smooth results that last!