Whether you’re driving to a family reunion, taking a train for a weekend getaway or jet setting across country, traveling can be stressful and knowing what skincare products to pack can be a bit of a challenge.

 With these travel survival tips, you can minimize any skin trouble.
1. Prepare your skin. Apply a hydration mask the night before you are going to travel. This will help increase moisture to your skin before you’re exposed to any dry climate.
2. Wear minimal makeup. Skip the foundation on the day of your trip.You’re traveling a long flight and planes are known for causing long wearing makeup to deteriorate. Your skin will end up either greasy or dry and flaky
3. Mist with facial toner. To refresh your skin, mist a facial toner every hour or as much as your skin needs. This is a great way to replenish any vitamin and nutrient loss while traveling.
4. Massage around eyes. You’re most likely not going to get rested while traveling. Your eyes will look tired and puffy. A quick simple way to get the blood flowing is an eye massage. Start at the top inner corner and slowly work your way around. Gently press, repeat 3 times. This is an automatic wake up call that makes you look and feel refreshed.