At the moment, I am in the middle of a super stressful move into a new home, which got me thinking about the connection between stress and skin. We all come across stressful times in our lives, whether it’s stress over moving or a big project at work, but how we deal with the stress is actually a crucial part of your skincare routine. Though you might not think stress can really make a difference in your complexion, the mind-skin connection is a strong one. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and protects your insides from the outside world. It is your first line of defense against anything that could possibly harm you. By working on constructive stress relief techniques, you allow your body to stay in a state in which it can continue to regenerate and make your skin glow.

Most importantly, do not let your skin stress you out more. It’s important to show yourself compassion. I tell clients all the time that by beating yourself up for a breakout or a new wrinkle on your face, you are only making things worse. Instead, try incorporating these four suggestions into your daily or weekly routine so that you can banish stress from controlling your complexion . . . Your skin will thank you!

1. Meditate

When in doubt, breathe in and out! When you’re feeling super stressed and your skin shows it, taking the time to meditate is key, even just for five minutes each day. Deep breathing and setting an internal intention will help to reverse the damage caused by stress. Biologically, when you’re stressed out, you activate your sympathetic nervous system, which generates a fight-or-flight response. Your body believes it is in danger and therefore, focuses on protecting you from the “threat” at hand instead of normal bodily functions, such as healing and restoring. By calming down via meditation, you rebalance your body and allow it to move back into a state of tranquility, in turn allowing your skin to calm down too. For those of you who find it hard to meditate on your own, using an app like Headspace or finding a guided meditation on Youtube may be helpful!

2. Do Yoga

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise, as it helps you to de-stress and decompress while staying mindful. Yoga increases your circulation and helps to get your blood and oxygen to circulate through your body as you flow through yoga poses. When your circulation is increased and things are moving more efficiently through your body, you’re more likely to handle stress better, feel energized, and have a healthy glow. No time to fit in a workout? Try incorporating dry skin brushing into your self-care routine to stimulate your circulation and achieve similar stress-relieving results.

3. Get Enough Sleep

While getting a full eight hours of shuteye is difficult for some, it is so worth it! Sleep is the only time your body really gets a break from stress and has time to regenerate. To get into the habit off getting a full night of z’s, try to establish a better nighttime routine and avoid using your computer or phone and watching tv too close to bedtime. Additionally, try spritzing our Chamomile Toner on your pillow to not only kill bacteria on your pillow but also to reap the aromatherapy benefits and have the cozy scent whisk you off into dreamland.

Remember, sleep is the best time for your skin to heal itself. The human body is amazing and if you give your skin the right tools to do so, you’ll be amazed by the results. As I mentioned last week, Black Currant seed oil helps to repair tissue damage overnight, which is why my clients see such amazing results from using our products that contain the star ingredient. Specifically, I recommend applying 1-2 drops of our Black Currant Serum to your face and applying our Lip Healer to dry, cracked lips before bed to wake up looking gorgeous and feeling well rested.

4. Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself to a spa treatment because you deserve it! Taking some time to do something special for yourself helps you relax and let go of any stress you may be holding onto. Located in NYC? Book yourself a Lift & Shine Treatment, our most luxurious offering that combines our Microcurrent facial and LED light treatment. The treatment stimulates circulation and combats aging leaving you with both immediate and long term results in the form of tightened, plump and youthful skin. You’ll leave looking gorgeous and feeling so rejuvenated. Live too far to make it to our spa? Give yourself an at-home spa day by taking a relaxing bath, applying a face mask, and giving yourself a pedicure using non-toxic, cruelty free nail polish! No time to truly pamper yourself? Generously spritz our Rose Serum Spray onto your face any time of the day to give your skin an instant plump, refreshed glow and take a minute to inhale the beautiful aroma. You’ll be happy you took a minute to slow down and stop and smell the roses!

How do you handle stress when it wreaks havoc on your skin? Are any of my recommendations incorporated into how you handle stressful times? Let me know if try out any of my suggestions and how it changes how you think about the connection between stress and your skin!

Thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! It’s always great sharing these amazing tips with you.

With all my love,
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