Today, I wanted to share with you some different uses for some of our best selling products that vary from their traditional usage. Single purpose products are so passé. I am always giving my clients new ideas about how to use their favorite Cecilia Wong Skincare products. Because our products are natural and are custom blended with only the purest oils, organically grown herbs, and botanicals, they can be used in a range of ways that double their functionality. Here are some suggestions that will have you tossing our products in your purse or keeping them by your bedside all year long:

Lip Healer

As the weather gets colder, many of my clients come in with dry, chapped lips and end up heading home with at least one of our Lip Healers. In fact, one of our VIP clients left after his treatment last week with 9 of them to give to friends and loved ones.

Just like our best selling Black Currant Serum, our lip healer contains black currant seed oil, which has high levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, making it anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. It also helps to reduce wrinkle formation and repairs tissue damage.

The mango seed butter in the Lip Healer gives the product its emollience, leaving your lips super moisturized and nourished.

Both the Lemongrass & Sage scent and the Ylang Ylang & Tangerine scent are uplifting and give you the added benefit of a quick dose of aromatherapy, as well.

Aside from the obvious application on your lips, Lip Healers can be used on:

Dry and cracked cuticles hurt! Though often overlooked, it is important to keep your cuticles hydrated, especially if you take the time to keep your nails manicured and looking good.Apply the Lip Healer to your cuticles helps to prevent cracked cuticles.

Elbows & Knees

The rougher skin on elbows and knees requires special love and attention.While moisturizing your whole body post-shower is important, using the Lip Healer on your elbows and knees will help you avoid the itchy skin that often results from the dryness of these areas.


The soles of your feet can get dehydrated and callused, particularly as the weather gets colder.Our Lip Healer can be applied to your soles to help repair this thicker skin and keep it hydrated.

Dry patches on your face

Especially in the winter months, I have clients complain about the skin around their nose feeling raw or sensitive.Applying some of our Lip Healer to this skin helps to soothe the sting and repair the tissue damage.


One of the most annoying parts about winter is that your hair can become dry and frizzy, which is only exacerbated by static produced by bundling up. The Lip Healer can be used to tame frizzy strands of hair to keep you feeling put together.

Puppies’ noses and pads

This is my favorite alternative use for this product!From time to time my pups get dry noses and pads on their paws.The Lip Healer always helps to moisten my canine friends and keep them wet-nosed and tail-wagging.

Chamomile Toner

Our Chamomile Toner is the number one toner that I recommend to my clients during the dryer and colder months due to it being soothingly alcohol-free and super hydrating.

The Chamomile Floral Water is soothing and calming to the skin, while providing a light but beautiful scent that will make your reminisce about the perfect cozy cup of tea.The Rosemary Leaf Extract, Lavender Oil, and Lemon Oil in the toner give the product antibacterial properties, making it so useful for other applications aside from skincare.

Besides being an amazing part of your facial skincare routine, Chamomile Toner can be used as:

An anti-bacterial spray for your pillow
As I discussed last week, changing your pillowcase every few days is key to keeping your skin bright and clear. However, in between changes, you can use our Chamomile Toner as a way to kill the bacteria that lives on your pillow and clogs your pores.

An anti-bacterial spray for your yoga mat
A regular yoga practice is so awesome for your body, mind, and spirit.However, getting sweaty on the same icky mat (or a borrowed one, for that matter) is not doing your skin any favors.Spray down your mat before and after your practice with our Chamomile Toner to help kill bacteria.

Fragrance for your hair
I have many clients who throw their Chamomile Toner in their gym bag because it helps to kill bacteria on your skin AND can be used to delicately cover-up the less than lovely scent of sweaty post-gym hair.Talk about two-in-one!

Dry Skin Moisturizer

Though this may be the most obvious multi-use product, you would be surprised to know that many of my clients don’t think about using our amazing Dry Skin Moisturizer in other ways.

Our Dry Skin Moisturizer is an indulgent cream overflowing with nutritious extracts, oils, and butters designed to stimulate skin into acting “young” again.Powerhouse ingredients work together to improve skin texture, brighten skin tone, and diminish dark spots, all while deeply hydrating.

This product is especially great to use in the evening, as the milk-derived lactic acids renew skin overnight and the frankincense oil rejuvenates the skin and encourages the growth of skin cells, helping to heal any sores or wounds you may have.

While our Dry Skin Moisturizer will keep your skin looking youthful and glowy, it can also be used as:

Neck Cream
As we mentioned on Instagram, “tech neck” is a new phenomenon, which results in loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles around the neck from consistent and prolonged use of technology (a.k.a. constantly looking down at your laptop and smartphone). To treat your neck and décolleté as an extension of your face, give them some TLC by using our moisturizer as a neck cream also.

Hand Cream
After using our Lip Healer on your cuticles, give your dry hands the same love by applying our moisturizer to them.This combo treatment will have your hands staying soft and supple through even the roughest winter weather.

Foot Cream
Give your tired and dry feet some love by giving yourself a foot massage with our moisturizer right before bed. Finish with some cozy socks to reveal nourished feet in the morning.

How do you use Cecilia Wong Skincare products? Let me know if you try out any of my suggestions and how it changes how you think about the functionality of your skincare products!

Thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! I always enjoy sharing these amazing tips with you and getting your lovely feedback.