A client emailed me the other day and wanted to address her Keratosis Pilaris, aka “chicken skin” before her wedding day. With her strapless gown, the red swollen bumps would show on her arms. So, I quickly came up with a few solutions.

Keratosis Pilaris is a common and harmless condition. It usually appears on arms, thighs and buttocks. For some, it appears on the face. They are made of small pinkish bumps that feel like sandpaper, sometimes they are red, swollen and itchy.

What causes this condition is the buildup of keratin (the protein that protects skin from infections) and blocks the hair follicles. Those with dry skin are more prone to this and during the Winter, it can worsen.

So, what are some quick at home tips you can use to decrease the symptoms.

Here are a few recommendations.
– Limit the use of hot water. This aggravates and causes bumps to be more inflamed.
– Use unscented soap with natural oils. A good way to moisturize skin and prevent any negative reactions.
– Don’t scratch or rub the area.
– Keep skin hydrated at all times. Since my client already use the Black currant serum, I recommended her to use a few drops throughout the day, this serum alone made a big difference.
– Add a humidifier and leave it on throughout the night.

Following above recommendations, in just a few days, my client’s skin improved dramatically and was able to wear her beautiful strapless gown without stress.

And now, I would love to hear from you. Have you or anyone you know experienced this condition and if so, how did you treat it? Share your comments on our facebook page . I look forward to reading your comments.