The Holiday season is in full swing and everyone is literally counting down the days until they celebrate. Chestnuts are roasting on the carts of street vendors, department stores are decorated to the nines with bright lights and large bows playing nonstop holiday tunes through their speakers, and the streets of New York seem like a sea of red Starbucks cups filled with specialty holiday lattes and such. This time of year is very busy at our Fifth Avenue spa, as many of my clients try to squeeze a facial into their already filled schedules. Whether my clients need their skin to glow before attending an important VIP holiday party or before they fly home for the holidays, I make sure that each and every client leaves with skin that is clear and bright.

In particular, our brand new limited time only Holiday Gua Sha Special Facial has had my clients leaving feeling amazing and looking radiant and holiday ready! But even for my most regular clients who see me every other week, their holiday travel plans have the potential to wreak havoc on their skin. Not only is the air on planes polluted and dry, but also, travel is stressful on your body. These factors can leave your skin dehydrated, your pores congested, and your immune system depleted. But have no fear — I have created a Holiday Travel Cheat Sheet to help you combat these skin downfalls and keep your skin glowing all the way to your final holiday destination.

1.) First, avoid wearing makeup on the plane if you can. Next, head to the bathroom at the beginning of the flight and use our Vitamin C Cleanser to remove any dirt or oil from your face. Recently, I came across these adorable disposable washcloths by Prospector Co that are perfect for traveling and will help get all the cleanser off your face before returning to your seat.

Why it works: Makeup can trap the dirt and pollution in your pores and if you wouldn’t fall asleep in your makeup at home (hopefully you wouldn’t!), there is no excuse for doing so at an altitude of 39,000 feet either. Even if you arrived at the airport makeup-free, it is a good idea to cleanse on the plane again just to make sure your skin is clean and ready to go.

2.) Throughout the flight, spray on our Chamomile Toner to create a nourishing veil of moisture that acts as an extra water reservoir for skin to drink from while simultaneously killing bacteria (so necessary on germy planes!). This is especially great for longer flights, as you can mist your face every hour or so to keep your skin hydrated.

Why it works: The powerhouse probiotic in the toner stop acne before it flares up while deeply moisturizing, refreshing and purifying pores. Chamomile and Radish Root balance oil levels, while rosemary, lavender, and lemon naturally help kill bacteria on skin’s surface. If you can only bring one product on your flight, I suggest you choose this one, as it is so easy to spray to hydrate without getting your hands messy.

3.) To avoid feeling dehydrated by the time the pilot turns the fasten seat belt sign back on for descent, apply our Black Currant Serum after spritzing on your toner to lock in moisture. Remember: Only a drop or two is needed for the whole face.

Why it works: Though the Chamomile Toner will help to hydrate, your skin needs a little more oomph to keep a barrier of moisture. The high levels of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids in the serum are the foundation to boosting collagen, elasticity, and bringing life back to your complexion. You’ll be glowing all flight long!

4.) Don’t forget about those luscious lips of yours! Personally, I always get dry lips when I fly if I don’t remember to apply our Lip Healer at the beginning of the flight. Remember, there are tons of other uses for this product, which make them the perfect travel companion. Also, check out our amazing special — spend $100 on our website and receive 2 free Lip Healers as a gift with purchase!

Why it works: The Black Currant seed oil in the Lip Healer helps to repair tissue damage while the mango seed butter is emollient and highly moisturizing. When you step off the plane at your destination, your lips will be plump and nourished instead of dry and cracking!

5.) Get up and stretch your legs at least a couple of times throughout the flight, especially on longer flights.

Why it works: I’ve talked about how important good circulation is in the past but sitting for long periods of time does not do you any favors. Getting up to walk around for a couple of minutes and do a stretch or two is the key to keeping blood flowing throughout your body.

6.) Be sure to drink plenty of water and pick healthy airport snacks, such as a piece of fruit and raw almonds.

Why it works: Loading up on typical airport foods and beverages will only exacerbate the effects flying has on your skin. Fried foods, processed snacks, and sugar-laden sweets can cause inflammation and breakouts on their own – let alone when they are combined with dry air and tons of bacteria on the plane. Sticking to healthy options ensures your skin is getting the necessary nutrients it needs from the inside out. Besides, if you are going to indulge, why not save your splurge for your holiday dinner with your family.

What do you do for your skin when you are traveling? Do you have a routine or do try and wing it? Would you try the tips and tricks from my cheat sheet? Let me know if try them out and how they change the way you think about traveling!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! It’s always so wonderful sharing these amazing tips with you all! And for those of you going away, have safe travels!

With all my love,