I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’m so excited to share with you our new packaging. These beautiful ultra-violet packaging protect the ingredients and keeping it ultra fresh. The products are back in stock and if you were on the wait list- your order has been shipped out.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a client who was concerned with her skin- especially in the morning. Her concern was that she would wake up looking tired with puffiness and compression marks. If you ever experienced this, below are a few tips you should start practicing.

1. Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause compression wrinkles (which are fine lines that’s formed on the skin when there’s too much pressure). It can also cause loose saggy skin and bacteria. Sleep on your back as much as you can.

2. Long term use of rough pillow cases can cause wrinkles, collagen breakdown and breakouts. Use silk or satin which minimizes permanent creases as well as compression marks.

3. Not cleaning or washing your sheets and pillow cases can cause extreme skin issues such as blemishes and acne. Pillowcases accumulate buildup over time (oil, dirt, bacteria) and this can clog your pores. Change your pillowcases once or twice a week especially if you are acne prone or spray a sanitizing mist each morning on the pillowcases to kill bacteria.

4. Do not drink water an hour before going to bed as this will cause puffiness in the morning- especially around the eyes.

5. To keep skin hydrated and moist- leave a glass of water by the bed as this will draw moisture from the air itself.

6. Sleeping is a time for repair and rejuvenation of the body and skin. Practice deep breathing can improve oxygen delivery to  the brain, lungs and every cell in the body. Lack of oxygen translates to lackluster skin.

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