Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeous!

First and foremost, I want to wish you all the best day today!  May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love and happiness!  As I mentioned last week, I like to use this day as an excellent reminder to let those near and dear to my heart know how much they mean to me and I recommend that you do the same.  Showing your gratitude for your loved ones will make you feel amazing inside and out.

Aside from Valentine’s Day, New York Fashion Week is still in full swing.  I’ve been having so much fun tracking the various beauty trends that are making their way down the catwalk during NYFW shows.  From daring and glam looks to minimalistic “no makeup” makeup, every single designer seems to have brought their A-game this year.  One of my favorite beauty looks so far was at Alexander Wang’s show, who was inspired by the beach donning models in minimal makeup with the exception of blush and bronzer to mimic suntan and sunburned cheeks.  On the other side of the spectrum, Jason Wu made the bold choice to showcase fluorescent red lips, a stark contrast to models’ otherwise bare faces.

I like to think of beauty as another accessory and truly the final touch that brings a designer’s vision together.  However, as my celebrity clients will tell you, runway makeup leads to breakouts and clogged pores.  Regardless of whether models take care of their skin or not, backstage makeup artists typically don’t use clean beauty products, which leads to some dirty ingredients finding their way into the pores.  There’s no need to sacrifice beauty for the health of your skin!  I’ve spent years testing out tons of clean beauty products and I’ll continue to do so, because as consumer demand for natural beauty products free of parabens and other nasty chemicals goes up, so does the quality of natural cosmetics.  I frequently get asked by my clients what makeup I use so I wanted to compile a list of my current favorite all natural and cruelty-free makeup products to help you make the switch:

Concealer – Vapour Beauty Illusionist Concealer | Foundation – Vapour Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation | Mascara – VMV Hypoallergenics Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara | Eyeliner – Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye Liner | Blush – Hynt Beauty ALTO Radiant Powder Blush | Lip Color – Root Pretty Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick in Bombshell | Highlighter – RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer  

For a more specific list of swaps you can make by going through your makeup bag and ridding yourself of the unnatural stuff, check out this handy list.   

The key to all the looks making their way down runway are starting with a blank canvas, which, in this case, means flawless, hydrated skin.  I recommend preparing your skin prior to applying makeup by washing your face with my Vitamin C Cleanser.  Pat your face dry and then spray a spritz or two of my Chamomile Toner onto your face.  While your face is still moist from the toner, apply one to two drops of my Black Currant Serum to your skin.  Finally, after giving the serum a few minutes to seep in to your skin, apply a small amount of my Sensitive Skin Moisturizer to your face.  In the same vein, prior to lipstick application, I recommend prepping your pout with my DIY Cinnamon Rose Lip Scrub and following up with my Lip Healer to seal in moisture.  This way pigment will be distributed evenly and you’ll be free from any rough, dry patches.

What has been your favorite looks of NYFW so far?  Have you tried natural makeup products?  Let me know if try out my recommendations and how they make you glow without doing damage to your skin!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing!  It’s always fabulous sharing these wonderful tips with you all!

With all my love,


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