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I’ve spent the last three weeks introducing you all to one of my favorite natural skincare lines, Alchimie Forever, which I am now selling on ceciliawongskincare.com. I have to say that I have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the three products I am carrying, the Gentle Refining Scrub, the Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask and the Tightening Eye Gel. Each of these has a specific duty to perform in your spring skincare routine. Because I have spent the past few weeks touting the benefits of these lovely new products, today I wanted to write about the order of your spring skincare routine. Clients often ask me about which products should be used when and how to properly layer some of my best-selling products. Here I have laid out an easy to follow skincare regimen that is gentle enough to be used daily but effective enough that you’ll see results:

1.) Cleanse
Cleansing your skin is essential to keeping it healthy and free of harmful pollutants that your skin comes in contact with each day.  Your cleanser should give you healthy, glowing skin to start and end your day.  My Vitamin C Cleanser was created with a medley of good for you ingredients to brighten, reduce skin inflammation and balance oil production with a holistic blend of tangerine, alfalfa, borage, parsley and aloe.  Additionally, the gentle low-lather formula creates tiny microbubbles to break down makeup and dirt.  I love that my formula gives you deep clean without overstripping your skin or leaving you feeling tight or dry.
2.) Tone
Out of all the recommendations I give my clients about how to properly care for their skin, using a toner prior to moisturizing tends to be the eye opening.  I get rave reviews from clients about how they are truly able to lock in moisture in a way they never thought was possible.  For truly dewy and beautiful skin, always spritz one-two sprays of toner prior to applying serum.  Depending on your skin type and concerns, I recommend using either my Rose Serum Spray or Chamomile Toner as a part of your springtime skincare routine.
3.) Serum
Though face oils and serums are more in vogue than they have been in the past, I still find there are skeptics out there who think it’s crazy to apply oil to your face.  However, whether your skin is dry, sensitive, combination, or oily, my best-selling Black Currant Serum will transform your skin, forever convincing you that oils can actually rejuvenate and protect your skin.  A proprietary blend of 12 precious, skin-nutrifying oils, this serum enriches the skin with the right balance of nutrients.  Only a drop or two is needed for the whole face, especially after you’ve created the perfect palette for its application by misting your face with toner.  Your skin will drink the serum up with ease, revealing a calm, healthy, and glowing complexion.
4.) Moisturizer (Day Time Only)
Though some people are fine just wearing a serum, I find that moisturizer really helps to keep your complexion looking and feeling hydrated throughout your day.  Depending on your skin type, both our Sensitive Skin Moisturizer and Dry Skin Moisturizer nourish and protect your skin.  The Dry Skin Moisturizer contains a holistic blend of organic licorice root, frankincense, pumpkin, and orange peel, which work together to speed up cell waste and circulation to stimulate skin into acting “young” again.  Our Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is a comforting cream, which actually acts as an anti-inflammatory treatment while healing, hydrating and balancing skin.
5.) Eye Gel
As the weather warms up, people tend to prefer a lighter eye care product.  I have gotten great feedback about Alchimie Forever’s Tightening Eye Gel from my clients, who love how it diminishes the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness.  Natural antioxidants derived from maté and the vitamin K contained in basil combine to minimize the look of fatigue and the appearance of dark under-eye circles.  I call this eye gel, espresso for your eyes due to how it helps you fake a full night of sleep.  Great for both the morning and the evening, I suggest applying a small amount to see how your eyes appear brighter.
6.) SPF (Day Time Only)
Protecting your skin from the sun is so important for keeping your skin healthy.  Even though the sun is not in full force just yet, does not mean that it does not produce harmful rays.  As the finishing step in your AM routine, sun protection should be worn everyday, as it not only helps to prevent skin cancer, but also helps you age gracefully.  My favorite physical sunblock is by the natural brand COOLA and is super lightweight and rubs in easily.
7.) Treat (Night Time Only)
For those of you who are experiencing a breakout, I recommend using my Blemish Peel Mask as an overnight spot treatment to help clear stubborn congested pores.  As one of my favorite products from my namesake line, this mask contains stimulating herbs help speed up skin’s microcirculatory system, helping to fade acne scars, oxygenate, unclog, and deep cleanse within skin’s dermal layers.  You’ll wake up the next morning with fewer blackheads and whiteheads and hydrated, glowing skin.

In addition to this fabulous daily routine that I suggest you follow, there are a couple of products that I recommend you add in to your weekly routine.  These products are powerful and help you to achieve the glowing skin of your dreams, however, it is because of their efficient nature that I advise you to limit their use to once or twice a week in order to avoid doing damage to your skin.  Here are the two products I suggest you incorporate weekly:

1.) Scrub

During the colder months of the year, it is essential to avoid over exfoliated, which tends to dry out already dehydrated skin.  However, now that spring has sprung, I recommend adding a scrub to your weekly routine.I cannot stress enough that using a gently abrasive scrub daily is too much for most people’s skin.I love using Alchimie Forever’s Gentle Refining Scrub weekly.  Due to the synergies between cranberry beads, jojoba pearls, and papaya enzyme, this scrub is able to effectively exfoliate the skin, both mechanically and enzymatically.  Remember that Gentle Refining Scrub can be used in two totally different ways: as a scrub and as a mask.  For instructions on how to do so, see my article about the scrub.  Finally, be sure to use this product in the evening prior to the daily routine prescribed above.

2.) Mask

Adding a mask in to your weekly routine is a great way to pamper yourself and give yourself an at-home spa treatment.  I personally love to make a ritual out of my DIY treatment by applying my mask right before a bath laced with essential oils like lavender and chamomile.  That way, while the mask does its work on my skin, my body and mind are able to relax and rejuvenate, while also getting a dose of aromatherapy.  Currently, I’m using Alchimie Forever’s Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask for my spa ritual, due to it being packed with natural botanicals to soothe, protect, and brighten dull skin.  As I discussed a couple weeks ago, this mask harnesses the power of blueberries (the same ingredient used in my powerful Black Currant Serum) to help make your skin glow.Just like the scrub, use this mask in the evening before the daily routine, but be sure to do this on a different night than when you are planning on using the scrub.

What do you think about changing your skincare routine seasonally?  Have you noticed that your skin changes with the weather? Let me know if you try any of my recommendations for how to structure your skincare routine and how it makes your skin glow like never before!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing!  It’s always fabulous sharing these delightful tips with you all!

With all my love,


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