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While it has definitely warmed up these past few days in New York, we’re well into the fall season. The fall brings about the leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice everything, and dehydrated, dry skin and lips. That’s why today I wanted to talk about the amazing benefits of one of my favorite ingredients: Mango Butter. Mango Butter is emollient, highly moisturizing, and very nourishing. Though it may seem counterintuitive because mango is a tropical fruit grown in warm climates, mango butter is one of the absolutely best ingredients for protecting the skin during the cold, dry months of the year. For those of you not familiar with this fantastic, natural ingredient, read on to learn all about how it can nourish dry, flaky skin and lips.

While mango butter is similar to some of the other more popular butters used in natural products, such as shea butter and cocoa butter, its fatty acid profile is different and it contains higher concentrations of nutrients. Part of what makes it such a healing ingredient is that it contains great amounts of vitamins A and C. As you know, Vitamin C is amazing for healing and regenerating your skin. The Vitamin C in mango butter helps it to boost the skin, brightening it, while the Vitamin A helps to increase the skin’s youthful appearance, reducing fine lines.  Since mango butter is a rich moisturizer, it is very soothing and healing. Due to it’s rich texture, the skin doesn’t soak it up right away, allowing the butter to serve as an extra protective barrier on the surface of your skin and lips to allow them to hydrate and heal. This is also why mango butter can be used to soothe sunburn and to heal minor wounds. Its damage-repairing properties help to mend the skin and leave it healthy and moisturized.

You can find nourishing mango butter in my Lip Healers. My Lip Healer is made up of a lush blend of 10 pure, good-for-you ingredients: exotic plant butters, blackcurrant seed oil, and botanical extracts nutritionally rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids. Dry lips soak up the nourishing benefits while being protected and moisturized. Loaded with uplifting, aromatic essential oils to induce a harmonious state all day long, applying the exquisitely silky-smooth texture is a luxurious experience in itself. Though the Lip Healer is amazing for its intended purpose, you can read all about the 6+ ways that I use it on other body parts here. I truly recommend getting one of my Lip Healers to keep with you as the temperature drops. It’s great to throw in your bag and use on your lips, cuticles, and any other area that is experiencing dryness.

Have you heard of mango butter? Did you know that it’s a nourishing, healing ingredient loaded with vitamins C and A? Let me know if you try out my Lip Healer or another product containing mango butter and how it keeps you looking and feeling amazing!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! It’s always fabulous sharing these wonderful tips with you all!

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