Last week, a client came to me complaining of broken capillaries, dry, extremely red and sensitive skin. She was so frustrated and needed expert advice. I want to share this with you because I know having red, sensitive skin can be frustrating and challenging. The redness doesn’t seem to ever go away and it’s so irritating.

So, during my consultation with her, she expressed the following concerns…

“My skin is always red and every product that I use stings my skin, so I have to be really careful with what I use on it.”

“My skin is constantly rough looking, dry and flaky and always looks red.”

“I’ve always had sensitive skin but it started to get worse in my mid 30′s.”

Looking at her skin, there was no doubt in my mind that her skin was fragile and extremely delicate.

What are some of the causes to sensitive skin?

Skin disorders or allergic skin reactions such as eczema, rosacea, or allergic contact dermatitis. Overly dry or injured skin that can no longer protect nerve endings, leading to skin reactions. Excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors such as sun and wind or excessive heat or cold. Spicy food, mood changes, coffee, wine, Dehydration in the lipid barriers.
Truth is, sensitivity affects 56% of people and it increases with age. Skin becomes, on average, 10% drier each decade after the age of 20.

What are the solutions?
The right dry sensitive skin care begins with skin care products that work together to bring back your balance. When skin is perfectly cleansed, nourished and hydrated, it will start behaving properly. With that in mind, the secret to effective dry sensitive skin care is the regular use of gentle cleansers, serums, and moisturizers.

Here are some simple tweaks I recommended to my client and you can use this to make your skin a lot more resilient.

Gentle, non-foaming cleanser
a hydration serum/oil with antioxidants, Vitamin A,C,E and omegas (I recommended the capillary strengthening serum along with the black currant serum)
a light nutrient filled moisturizer (replenishing moisturizer for sensitive skin)
chlorophyll- take a shot in the morning (this will neutralize acidity and decreases inflammation)
SPF 30 and higher
facial toner mist
take vitamins-fish oil, black currant oil or flaxseed oil- these contain loads of omegas

Skin-irritating preservatives
harsh exfoliants and acids
long hot showers
artificial fragrances
alcohol in skincare products

Let me know which tips have helped improve your skin. Leave a comment on my facebook page.