Do you ever have one of those days when you just feel…blah? You look in the mirror and your skin doesn’t look quite refreshed? Or your skin looks tired and stressed even if you had plenty of sleep.

Nobody wants to appear sleep deprived—and you don’t have to anymore. (No injections needed!)

Here are 3 tricks that will instantly refresh your skin

Spoon Your Eyes
Chill 2 silver spoons in the freezer overnight. Apply an eye cream and rest them over eyes. This reduces puffiness and redness instantly.

Rub on an ice cube
This is a ritual of mine and I love how this makes me look right after. Add a drop of your favorite serum or oil to each square in the ice cube tray and rub the frozen ice cube over face. The cold reduces inflammation and the oil hydrates – leaving your skin plump. This also makes enlarged pores more refined.

Massage your face
Add a few drops of serum in your palm and gently massage your face with an upward sweeping motion. 2 minutes on each side and a minute on forehead. This keeps the blood circulation flowing and a great in minimizing lines.

It’s that simple and it works every time!