Happy Tuesday Gorgeous!

I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day this past weekend! Spending time with family is always a great way to spend a Sunday in my book. Last week, I focused on how to show your mom gratitude to honor her on her special day. Today, I wanted to discuss how you can actually grow your own skincare products! Most of you know that I love creating DIY recipes that you can make at home. I’m passionate about using ingredients that can be found in your kitchen to create simple but effective beauty recipes that leave your skin glowing. I thought that it be so wonderful to combine my love of beauty recipes and my love of natural herbal remedies in order to share some great DIY’s with you today.

I love to garden and grow my own herbs and produce whenever possible. It’s a great way to spend some time outdoors and feeling connected to the earth. It just so happens that the added bonus is that you’re able to get inexpensive pesticide free herbs that can be used in a myriad of ways. And while I’ve been able to grow whatever I wanted to in the past, our new home’s backyard tends to have a lot of animal life traipsing through. We’ve spotted deer, bunnies, and squirrels among other animals just outside our door. While I love watching these adorable animals do their thing, it’s difficult to prevent them from nibbling on my plants, which aren’t necessarily good for them. That’s why, this season I focused on growing plants that are natural deterrents to these animals, such as chives and lavender. Plants with a strong aroma interfere with animals’ ability to assess their environment, and therefore, they naturally choose to stay away.

Thankfully, I have a friend who grows a variety of herbs and always has an abundance of Basil, Sage, Parsley, Mint, and Sage to share with me. Like many people, she uses them solely in her cooking. However, there are so many wonderful ways to utilize herbs. They are powerful plants with a variety of properties that make them amazing for your skin, both when consumed internally or applied topically to your skin. Here are 3 DIY beauty recipes that harness the power of fresh herbs to help your skin look better than ever:

Parsley Mint Infused Body Oil
This powerhouse combination of Parsley and Mint will truly help to improve your circulation, relieve muscle pain or soreness, and reduce inflammation.  Both herbs have similar qualities when applied topically so when they’re blended together, they have powerful healing effects.  For a spa-like experience at home, I love to dry brush (which helps with poor circulation, as well), hop in the shower, and once done, apply this fantastic smelling oil to my entire body.
Refreshing Herbal Chia Foot Scrub 
The weather has been gradually warming up, which means that it is just about time to put away your boots and take our your favorite strappy sandals.  I’ve created this refreshing foot scrub to help get your feet ready to be out and about as summer approaches.  Chia seeds are an amazing natural exfoliant, as is the Himalayan Salt, which also helps to kill bacteria.  Both Mint and Basil also have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, while helping to refresh and relieve aching feet.  Finally, sage is really cleansing for the skin and helps to get rid of any dirt and oil.​​​​​​​
Hydrating Spa Water 
I’m always reminded my clients to try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day in order to stay hydrated.  It’s a challenge for many people to fit in that much H20, so I like to come up with new and fun ways to liven up plain old water and make them actually want to drink it.  This DIY recipe is for classic spa water that utilizes mint, which is great for your digestion.  I know that you’ll love the cooling effect that the mint has on your whole body, as well as the refreshing burst of flavor it gives this yummy beverage.
For any of you who are new to gardening but interested in starting out, Goop has a great article on how to start your own easy herb garden http://ceciliawongskincare.com/that covers all the basics.  Even in the event that your herbs don’t end up growing, the effort and energy you put into a project is a great way to stimulate your creativity.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you that time is running out to purchase tickets to attend my mini mani/facial collaborative event with Sundays on Saturday, May 27th.  It’s going to be such a fun event and it’s an amazing way for those of you interested in natural, non-toxic beauty to try out some new beauty services.  Plus you’ll go home with a goody bag filled with non-toxic, organic beauty essentials.  To buy tickets, click here.

Do you spend time gardening and growing herbs and produce?  Would you use herbs you grow yourself to help create some amazing DIY beauty recipes?  Let me know if you try any of my recipes and how they make your skin glow like never before!  Also, I hope to see you at my event on May 27th!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing!  It’s always wonderful sharing these fabulous tips with you all!

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