Happy National Relaxation Day Gorgeous!

Today marks a special and nationally recognized day focused solely on relaxation. How cool is that?! I love that relaxation and self-care are being brought the forefront recently, with more health and beauty experts preaching the benefits of making yourself a priority. It may sound funny, but relaxation is essential for you to function optimally. If you put your needs on the back burner and always focus on others, it’s likely that you will burn out, needing even more rest than if you had incorporated regular relaxation into your regular routine. That’s why, in honor of this special day, I want to encourage all of you to do something totally relaxing for the sole purpose of bringing you joy. Marie Kondo, author of the popular book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, encourages her readers to only hold onto items that spark joy and give away the unnecessary items that just cause clutter. I’d like you all to do the same thing today (or this week): aside from your necessary daily tasks at work or the like, try to only do things that are relaxing and joyful. It may seem indulgent, but it’s truly amazing what a little bit of rest and relaxation can do for your mind, body, and soul. Here are my top recommendations for celebrating the art of relaxation:

Sometimes the most relaxing thing you can do is to melt into a warm tub of water and just breathe. Baths give you an opportunity to relax not just your body, but also your mind. I love using baths as my own personal digital detox time. Since water and iPhones don’t mix, it’s the perfect setting for leaving your phone outside of the bathroom and letting go of any stress and tension. As much as I love engaging with all of you on social media, it’s so important to be able to disconnect from the digital world for a little while and reconnect with your self. I suggest you turn this occasion into a totally tranquil spa-like experience. Click here to read my full guide on how to craft a bath ritual that leaves you feeling like you just spent a week at a fancy spa.
While I’m all about DIY pampering, if it’s available to you, I recommend booking an appointment for a professional spa treatment, like a facial. Sometimes it’s easiest to truly let go when you’re not in your typical environment (a.k.a. free of distractions) and are being taken care of by someone else. A facial will allow you to fully power down while being give the full treatment. I always try to make my clients feel as relaxed as possible by offering them rose tea prior to their treatment, playing tranquil music during their treatment, and giving them a fabulous lymphatic drainage massage as part of the facial. Between the calm environment at my Fifth Avenue Skincare Studio, my holistic product line I utilize in treatment, and the amazing technology incorporated into the facial (from Microcurrent to LED Light Therapy), every client leaves looking like they just got back from the most relaxing vacation ever.

Relaxation certainly isn’t limited to alone time. In fact, spending time with friends and family members can allow you to chill out and truly connect with others. Sometimes what you need is solitude and other times what you need is to be around other people that make you laugh and smile. All too often, I find my friends and family make plans that are less tranquil. From big group outings to fancy dinners, sometimes these outings can actually be stressful. I recommend making plans for your loved ones to come over and just chill out. Watching Netflix and ordering in some (healthy) food is the perfect way to socialize and also relax.

How do you like to relax? Do you prefer to spend relaxation time alone or with others? Let me know if you try any of my suggestions and how they make you feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! It’s always great sharing these amazing tips with you all!

With all my love,


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