Now that Thanksgiving has come and past, the Holiday season is in full swing. Christmas Trees are being sold on the streets of New York, the sidewalks are glowing from Christmas lights, and tomorrow, the big tree in Rockefeller center will be lit up for all to enjoy. The holidays are a time of joy and love but with that comes a lot of pressure for giving your loved ones the perfect gift.

Last week I spoke about how gratitude is much more important than any physical gift you can give. With that being said, a gift that you think will help make your friend’s or family member’s life better is always a touching way of showing them your love. There is no reason to let holiday shopping get you stressed out, though, because as I have mentioned, stressing only leads to stressed-out skin, which includes premature aging and unexpected breakouts. To avoid being stressed this holiday season, I recommend getting your shopping done early in order to avoid being pressed for time days before a gift exchange.

By giving your loved ones all natural skincare, you are not only giving the gift of glowing skin, but also healthy skin. As I’ve said before, your skin is your largest organ and deserves just as much (if not more) tender loving care as you give to the rest of your body. Getting your best friend to switch over to a non-toxic, cruelty free facial serum or cleanser will help her have healthy skin inside and out. What could be better than giving the gift of health this holiday season? In my opinion, nothing!

Here is my gift guide for this holiday season that identifies four different people in your life and the perfect gifts for each of them:

1. The Beauty Maven

The Beauty Maven is the one in your life who follows all the latest trends in the beauty scene. She knows that facial serums and oils are totally on trend and loves any beauty item that is luxurious. One drop of our Black Currant Serum will transform her skin, especially if she has been using expensive skincare from department stores that are full of harsh and toxic ingredients. The hint of rose otto and sandalwood aroma will have her feeling spoiled. She’ll thank you for her youthful and glowing skin!

While the serum is a beautiful gift on its own, you can make it even nicer by including The Perfect Neutrals Gift Box from Ten Over Ten ($90). The Beauty Maven will appreciate this gift set of chic neutral nail polishes created by an on-trend non-toxic company.

2. The Natural Yogi

The Natural Yogi is the person in your life who has only been buying all natural personal care products for years, practices her sun salutations every single day, and loves to shop for local produce at the farmers’ market. Our award-winning Chamomile Toner, a lightweight mist made from a probiotic-charged, holistic blend of aromatic herbs and botanicals, is a perfect gift for her. Designed to deeply moisturize, refresh and purify pores, it’s especially great to use before and after a workout or throughout the day. The best part about our Chamomile Toner? It can also be sprayed on a yoga mat post-savasana to kill any bacteria that built up from a sweaty flow. Your friend, her skin, and her yoga mat will be happy to be clean and smelling great!

While the toner is a beautiful gift on its own, you can make it even nicer by including the gorgeous Marseille Yoga Mat from La Vie Boheme Yoga ($86). The Natural Yogi will think of you and your generosity every time she is in downward dog!

3. The Man in Your Life

Now, I know what you’re thinking, the Man in Your Life may not be super into taking care of his skin. Let’s face it: many men simply don’t take care of their skin the same way that women do. However, our Sensitive Skin Moisturizer will change his mind. Silky-light with a velvety touch, this comforting cream actually acts as an anti-inflammatory treatment while healing, hydrating, and balancing skin. This product is especially great for men who frequently experience razor burn or skin irritation from shaving. He’ll appreciate how his skin is less reactive due to the protective barrier of antioxidants enveloping his skin, as well as the natural aromatic (and gender neutral) scent that will calm his mind and body.

While the moisturizer is a great gift on its own, you can make it even nicer by including this cute Dapper Shave Kit from Izola ($48). The Man in Your Life will love using this adorable canvas toiletry bag to tote around his razor, Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, and more every time he travels.

4. The Nurturing Mama

The Nurturing Mama represents someone in your life who is pregnant or a new mom. She may be experiencing hormonal acne, an unfortunate common side effect associated with pregnancy. Our Blemish Peel Mask is the perfect gift for her, as many moms to be become self-conscious about breakouts. Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, this tri-purpose mask detoxifies and de-clogs pores when used as a sleeping mask, spot treatment, or a 3 minute peel. Stimulating herbs in the mask help to speed up skin’s microcirculatory system, fading acne scars, oxygenating the skin, and deep cleansing the skin’s dermal layers. Rather than giving her a mask, you’ll be giving her smoother, softer skin and smaller, tighter pores, leaving her with that radiant, pregnancy glow.

While the mask is a beautiful gift on its own, you can make it even nicer by including the lovely Cross Over Robe in Magnolia Sol from Plum Pretty Sugar ($65). The Nurturing Mama can use this robe both throughout her pregnancy, as well as post-partum due to its adjustability, and she’ll appreciate how its softness and its beauty make her feel.

What are you thinking of giving your loved ones for the holidays? Do you recognize any of these four types of people as friends and family in your life? Are any of my recommendations helpful for crossing people off of your holiday gift list? Let me know if you try out any of my suggestions and how it makes giving gifts to the most important people in your life that much easier.
I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! It’s always great sharing these amazing tips with you all!

With all my love,