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By this time in the cleanse, I hope everyone’s feeling amazing.  We’ve stripped down and simplified your routine, worked on self-acceptance, and even gotten a little creative.  My intention for this cleanse has been for you to find an entry point to self-care and self-love.  The New Year brings about pressure to change everything about what makes you who you are.  My goal was to fight against the stigma of what a New Year’s cleanse should be.  I want all my readers to understand what makes them special and beautiful.  The idea is to work with the tools you have and make tiny changes to see a big impact.  Accepting and loving yourself are truly the only things you need to have people wondering what you did and why you look different.  It’ll be your little secret that beauty comes naturally with confidence and self-love.  This week’s theme is to restore and repair your body, mind, and, of course, your skin.  Inflammation in your body causes so many problems.  Let me note that inflammation is the body’s response to something happening to it, such as when you stub your toe and it swells up and turns red.  This is not a bad thing, as you want your body to respond appropriately to an injury.  The inflammation I’m speaking about today is chronic inflammation, which occurs when you do things your body doesn’t appreciate frequently such as: sitting for too long, overusing certain muscles and joints, filling your body with processed food and sugar, and handling stress poorly.  In fact, some experts in the medical field are testing the hypothesis that this kind of inflammation is at the root of many different diseases.  Though this has yet to be proven, at the very least, combatting inflammation will make you look and feel better.


No matter how well you take care of your skin, every once in a while you may experience inflammation.  I often share Do-It-Yourself face mask recipes, which is why this week I wanted to switch it up a bit.  For this week’s theme, I concocted a DIY Face Oil that is gentle enough to be used daily.  This restorative mixture of just four simple ingredients can be blended and bottled to keep on your vanity.  For those of you who experience consistent inflammation and redness, I recommend whipping up this recipe and using it daily.  If you rarely get inflamed, this face oil is still great to have on hand and can be used as a treatment once per week to repair skin tissue.  The star ingredients in this oil blend are blue tansy and blue chamomile.  Blue Tansy helps to kill bacteria, calm and soothe the skin, and is, as it’s name states, blue in color.  Similarly to how a hot cup of chamomile tea can help calm you down, Blue Chamomile essential oil has soothing properties too.  What differentiates Blue Chamomile from the Chamomile Floral Water you can find in our soothing Chamomile Toner, is that it simply contains more azulene, which is the functional compound in chamomile.  The higher concentration of azulene is what gives it a blue color while also bearing skin-healing benefits.  Because both of the powerhouse ingredients in this oil blend are blue, the end product will be a dreamy face oil with a gorgeous blue tinge.  Trust me, you’ll want to store this mixture in a clear glass bottle for all to admire.


At some point or another, we have all experienced some aches and pains.  From muscle soreness from an intense sweat session to back pain from sitting too long at your desk, pain has a way of creeping in and putting a damper on your plans.  However, your diet plays a key role in preventing the inflammation from getting to you.  The first step to reducing inflammation is to decrease consumption of foods that cause it, such as heavily processed foods and foods containing refined sugars.  While trying to eat fewer inflammatory foods, it is also a good idea to add in some foods that will help reduce inflammation and have you feeling better than ever.  Recently, turmeric has become a trendy ingredient, being added to many recipes for its amazing inflammation-fighting superpowers.  The active ingredient that makes turmeric so useful is curcumin, an antioxidant that has demonstrated anti-inflammatory benefits.  Similarly, blueberries are an amazing superfood due to their extraordinarily high concentration of antioxidants.  I’ve appreciated the affects that blueberries can have on the skin for many years, which is why Blueberry Seed Oil is a key ingredient in my best-selling Black Currant Serum.  The nutrients in blueberries help to both brighten and repair the skin whether you apply them directly to the skin or consume them internally.  Please enjoy this recipe for a Blueberry Golden Milk Smoothie that not only tastes wonderfully but will also have you feeling great!


Chronic inflammation can come about from constant stress, which is why it’s so important to take the time to relax and destress.  However, we all require something different to refuel us and have us feeling our best.  Sometimes meditation can do the trick.  Other times, just getting more rest and spending some time relaxing at home helps.  Personally though, I feel most restored when I incorporate movement into my routine by flowing through some restorative yoga poses.  Yoga is such an amazing form of movement, as it requires you to synergistically bring together the use of your mind, body, and breath.  I love that there are so many different poses that benefit your body in specific ways.  Today, I wanted to share my favorite restorative yoga pose with you.  Reclining Bound Angle Pose is an amazing pose that can be held for an extended amount of time, allowing you to sink into your body and really relax.  It allows you to open up your hips, which is a place many of us hold a great deal of tension.  I like to hold this pose for at least 5 minutes, though longer is even better.  Give yourself time to breath and clear your mind.  For step-by-step instructions on how to set yourself up for this pose, check out this great article on the Yoga Journal’s website.  Once you are done with Reclining Bound Angle Pose, feel free to transition into Savasana and simply embrace tranquility on your mat.

Do you notice when your skin or body experience inflammation?  Have you ever tried using turmeric or blueberries to feel better?  Would you try following my suggestions to feel your best in 2017?  Let me know if try following my plan and how it makes you feel restored and renewed when it comes to your mind, body, and, of course, skin!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing!  It’s always fabulous sharing these amazing tips with you all!

With all my love,


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