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It seems as though everyone is getting sick these days. I’m actually recovering from a cold myself.

Now, if you want to prevent or get rid of your cold fast, I’d recommend you to try these 3 simple self care tips. They work like magic.

1. Hang eucalyptus leaves in the shower to decompress

Head to your local florist or farmers’ market to pick up some fresh eucalyptus leaves. Once home, hang the stems upside down by using some string to tie them to your shower head. When you take a shower, inhale deeply and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of the plant, which is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, and an overall amazing decongestant.

This is also great for those with oily, blemished skin.

2. Give yourself a gua sha massage to stimulate your sinuses

After your shower, your sinus canal is already open, give yourself a simple gua sha massage to help with the lymphatic drainage of your sinuses.

First, apply 2 drops of our Black Currant Serum in order to give your skin the necessary lubrication for the massage.

Next, begin the massage using our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage Tool: Start on one side of your nose and in an upward motion, using gentle pressure, draw the tool outward toward the side of your face, gliding over your sinuses.

Repeat this soothing action a few times and then repeat on the other side of the face.

3. Mix up a cocktail of raw honey with hot water and some freshly squeezed lemon juice

After a pampering, spa-like experience at home, enjoy this comforting and relaxing beverage. Not only does this mixture taste delicious, but it’s so good for you! Just like our amazing Vitamin C Cleanser helps to boost the radiance of your skin, the high vitamin C content in lemons helps to boost your immunity.

Raw honey is a powerful antioxidant that is linked to increased functionality of the immune system. And water helps to replace fluids in your body and stimulates your lymphatic system, leaving you hydrated and glowing.

Try this routine and let me know how you feel afterwards!

Don’t have time for the whole ritual? No problem! Adding just one of these steps into your routine will benefit your immune system and help you to stay healthy as the weather gets colder.