Meet Cecilia Wong

Skin changing results combining advanced science and ancient Chinese techniques

I believe that everyone deserves beautiful clear skin. When clients are given the most effective treatments and the right products for their skin types, their results are transformative. I also believe that by treating the root cause internally using my Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, clients are able to experience long lasting results. This combination of a healthy lifestyle, supplementing vitamins (internally & externally), treating the problem from root cause, and the right skincare has transformed hundreds of my client’s skin.
“I’m here to help you look your absolute best. That’s my mission.”
Sending you lots of love and beauty!

Hi, I’m Tori Marinelli, Social Media Manager and Assistant Manager

Ever since I was a little girl, beauty products fascinated me. From skincare to makeup to perfume, I found myself captivated by watching my mother’s ritual of getting ready to go out on a Saturday night. As I got older, experimenting with beauty always played a big role in my life, but it wasn’t until I made huge lifestyle changes, which resulted in a fifty-five pound weight loss, that I got serious about natural beauty. I could no longer devote so much time and energy to exercising and eating well to be healthier just to slather chemicals onto my skin afterwards.

When I began working for Cecilia, she immediately gave me some of her Cecilia Wong Skincare products to try. She knew that seeing the results right in front of my own eyes would be the best way to teach me what makes her and her brand so special. Not only are her products totally safe and cruelty- free, but also, their ingredients lists never leave me feeling confused or unsatisfied. Every ingredient in each product is there for a reason and serves a specific results-driven function to your skin, which is something that makes me feel good about what I am putting on my own skin and sharing with others across the world.

I love using social media as a way of reaching out to others and helping them discover a way to break free of traditional skincare woes. I feel truly fulfilled anytime we can help to educate a client about how your skincare routine can affect your life and how your lifestyle affects your skin.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my husband and my Boston terrier pup, Haru. I also have a passion for health and fitness and am a certified Holistic Health Coach and a certified Zumba instructor. During my free time, I enjoy taking new fitness classes, visiting farmers’ markets, and reading up on the latest beauty and wellness trends on blogs.

I see Cecilia Wong Skincare continuing to expand in the world of luxury natural beauty products, as well as educating consumers that there are safe, effective, non-toxic alternatives to injections, plastic surgery, and intensive acne medications that will leave your skin bright and glowing.


Hi, I’m Briana Skidmore, Paleo Coach and CWS Brand Ambassador

Since I was a little, I have always loved to help and make people happy which is one of the reasons I pursued a career in nursing. I graduated nursing school in 2010 from Yavapai College in my home state of Arizona and have been a Registered Nurse for over 5 years now. During these years I have become passionate about teaching my patients about health and healing. I truly believe knowledge is power and I love to see my patient’s come away feeling more empowered.

In 2013, I was suffering from severe hormonal acne. After much research, I decided that I needed to find the root cause of and heal my acne naturally. This led me to Cecilia Wong Skincare. Through Cecilia’s healing hands and a change in my diet, I was able to completely heal my acne. She became a friend and mentor to me. Through Cecilia’s natural products and expertise, including the knowledge I gained from the healing powers of food, I saw that I could help even more people outside my nursing realm.

My mission lies in the passion to teach people how to heal, prevent illnesses and enjoy a long, happy life. Since 2013, I’ve been coaching people with various health issues through my personalized 21-day Paleo lifestyle challenge to transform their lives into healthier ones. This includes eating wholesome foods, moving frequently, sleeping well, exercising occasionally, playing, and soaking up sunlight.
I have seen so many wonderful success stories through this challenge and it is these real life stories that bring me the most joy and fulfillment in my professional life! My own experience and the experience of others have taught me that it matters what we put on our skin and the food we put in our bodies. We are all so unique and beautiful – by healing ourselves inside out, we can look and feel this way all the time!

I now live in North Carolina with my husband, David, working as a Peritoneal Dialysis nurse and in my spare time I continue to coach my  21-day Paleo challenge. I am a mama to two chickens who give us fresh eggs daily. I also enjoy being active, decorating my home, reading, traveling, eating healthy meals and spending time with my family.

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