Lift & Shine

Cecilia’s signature and most intensive treatment. A favorite amongst her celebrity clients. The Lift and Shine is an idyllic combination of Microcurrent facial and LED light treatment. Stimulates circulation and combat aging. This treatment includes cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, microcurrent treatment to lift and tone, LED Light Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Spray infused with a lifting serum. You will experience immediate and long term results in the form of tightened, plump and youthful skin.
350 + tax | 60 minutes | with Cecilia add $125

Sculpt & Empower (Microcurrent Facial)

Madonna, along with her A list Celebs have made the microcurrent facial a MUST HAVE and an essential in their beauty routine.The ultimate workout for your face, Sculpt and Empower is a favorite amongst those appearing on-camera and those with anti-aging concerns alike. Cleansing, microcurrent technology, lymphatic drainage massage, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Spray infused with Black Currant Serum are included in the treatment. The microcurrent facial is designed for all skin types and even benefits young people as this will prevent the natural progression of aging. Builds collagen leaving skin plump and hydrated. Facial muscles are lifted, jawline contoured, wrinkles diminish, while alleviating dark circles, excess water, and fine lines. This treatment boasts immediate results, comparable to plastic surgery or Botox.
250 + tax | 60 minutes | with Cecilia add $125

Oxygen Facial

Personalized for all skin types. A favorite for all skin types. The Oxygen Facial is the perfect solution for re-booting or jump-starting your skin. In just one treatment, your skin will be silky smooth, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, and your face will be visibly hydrated and plump. Using all organic skincare products to gently unclog pores and remove all blackheads/ blemishes. Pure Oxygen kills bacteria leaving your skin a clean and clear complexion. You will experience both immediate and long-term results through glowing and fresh skin. 250 + tax | 60 minutes | with Cecilia add $125

LED Light therapy

Personalized for all skin types. A short and sweet facial that produces incomparable results. Who’s up for a lunch date at the spa? “Cecilia designed this ultimate facial which is also known as “the lunch time peel” for those who are looking to target the reversal of specific skin concerns, from fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, to enlarged pores. This treatment combines the best of an organic stimulating peel with LED Light Therapy – reawakens your skin. No down time with this powerful treatment. Cleansing, exfoliation, jade rolling facial massage, LED Light Therapy (red for anti-aging and blue for congested, blemished skin), and Hyperbaric Oxygen Spray infused with Black Currant Serum are included. You will experience re-plumped skin, fading of scars, calming of inflammation, and reduction of acne.
150 + tax | 30 minutes | with Cecilia add $125

Hypoallergenic Wax

Experience this dye free, fragrance free, stripless wax, formulated to minimize allergy risk and suitable for all hair types including hypersensitive skin. This gentle wax was created with advanced shrink wrap technology for minimal discomfort with efficient results. Upon completing your service you will experience our new organic Black currant/Lavender oil to soothe and hydrate the skin.

  • Sensitive formula
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Smooth Results
  • Safe and Hypoallergenic Ingredients

Lip $25 + tax
Underarms $30 + tax
Chin $25 + tax
Eyebrow Shaping $40 + tax
Bikini $45 + tax
Brazilian $75 + tax