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I cannot believe it’s already May! We are well into Spring and the hours of daylight continue to get longer as the temperature rises. I love this time of year, as I’m able to spend more time outside with my dogs enjoying the beautiful weather. However, with spending more time in the great outdoors comes some responsibility. Yesterday, May 1st, marked the beginning of Melanoma Awareness Month. As someone who has chosen to put my life’s energy into skincare and skin health, Melanoma Awareness is near and dear to my heart. I consider it my responsibility to preach to my clients, friends, and family about the dangers of sun exposure.

Personally, I started noticing sunspots and pigmentation at a young age, especially on my forehead and on one side of my face. This began when I was about 16 years old and I noticed that in the summertime, the pigmentation would darken. Because of this, I’ve always been vigilant about applying sunscreen every single day. Also, as a preventative measure, I regularly visit my trusted dermatologist for skin checks. I’ve been very cautious about the size of the sunspots and always note if there are any changes in the pigmentation and consult my doctor immediately if there are.

Though I can’t say that I have never laid out to tan in my entire life (although it’s been over twenty years since I have), tanning on purpose for cosmetic purposes is one of the worst things you can do for you skin. Not only does is increase your risk for developing skin cancer, but also, it sucks all the moisture out of your skin and can result in unwanted pigmentation on your skin which age you. Limiting your sun exposure is the best move to achieve beautiful, youthful skin. Though it’s unrealistic to recommend staying out of the sun entirely, today I wanted to share with you some measures you can take to make enjoying time outside safe.

1.) SPF Protection 
I’ve said it time and time again but I cannot stress enough the importance of applying a natural, physical sun protectant every single day, year round.  Wearing SPF protection helps to protect you from skin cancer, as well as prevent signs of premature aging.  There are so many great options today, from matte sunscreen to all-natural foundation with SPF protection.  Personally, I love the entire line of products from Coola, a natural, cruelty-free company, which is why I carry their products at my studio in Manhattan.  Regardless of what product you use, be sure that you’re wearing at least SPF 30 everyday, and that you reapply every two hours. 
2.) Cover Up
Unfortunately, sunscreen is not enough to ensure that you’re protected.  That’s why I recommend taking a page from Brigitte Bardot’s book and rocking a wide brim hat when spending time outside.  Not only will you look classically stunning, you’ll also be adding another layer of protection.  In addition, I recommend looking into SPF clothing and cover-ups, which also help to prevent skin damage when the sun ray’s are at their strongest.
3.) Sunglasses 
Don’t think of sunglasses as a fashion accessory.  Rather, I encourage you to see them as a prime defender against aging that helps protect the delicate eye area.  This area is prone to wrinkles and sunspots, two of the main concerns my clients share with me upon their first visit.  Wearing sunglasses protects both the skin around the eyes, as well as the eyes themselves (which can also develop issues due to sun damage).  Be sure to find a quality pair that covers the entire eye area and that block 99-100% of UV-rays. 

As for handling previous sun damage that has resulted in pigmentation, I recommend using my best-selling Black Currant Serum, which I designed to nourish and revive skin.  It’s composed with high levels of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, which are the foundation to boosting collagen, elasticity and bringing life back to your complexion.  The Blackcurrant seed oil and the Blueberry seed oil in my serum helps to reduce wrinkles and repair tissue damage, while the Argan oil and Rosa Damascena oil help to speed up cell renewal.

What are your experiences with sun exposure and it’s effects on your skin? Do you apply sun protection daily? Let me know if you try any of my suggestions for protecting yourself from sun damage and how they help your skin stay youthful!

I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing!  It’s always wonderful sharing these great tips with you all!

With all my love,


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